Darkness Within

The lights though turned off aren’t helping him slip to sleep,
He shuts his eyes but barely gets to sleep,
He can’t stop thinking of the darkness without,
But the one within frightens him throughout,
He stares hard at the ceiling though he can’t make out a single thing,
In that darkness he sees what his life is all about,
Nothing, all dark, all blank, no shapes, no faces, nothing,
Tears well up in his eyes, his heart throbs,
He sobs, he moans, he groans, he mourns some more,
He grieves over his own life; he can’t take it anymore,
This goes on all night and soon dawn kicks in with a ray of light,
He rises, disappointed he didn’t end up dead,
And dehydrated from all the tears shed,
He takes a shower to refresh his body, wishes the same could be done for his tired mind,
He gets dressed and along with clothes puts on a smile, the same old smile,
The smile that everyone assumes means ’everything is fine’,
He then swallows his pills, which by-the-way, are hard pills to swallow,
When that’s done, he is ready for the day.

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