The world is morally dark: changing and lowering its moral standards so often that the whole area of God honouring standards of conduct when two fall in love can be quite difficult to discern.
Paul spoke of such a generation as those whose hearts are darkened and though claiming to be wise, they became fools.(Rom 1:21-22). Man’s morals are built on the shifting sands of public opinion rather than the unchanging rock of the Bible.
The sphere of romantic relationships has become one of the most stark examples of the sorrow and corruption resulting from a spirit similar to that spoken of in the book of Judges”… every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25)
It’s indeed bleak for a couple seeking to fully enjoy the excitement and wonder of romance in a way that not only gives deep pleasure, but also glorifies God who created the human heart and affections, who said ” it isn’t good that the man should be alone”, and He gave him Eve a meet companion to fill and satisfy Adam’s heart.
Undoubtedly, the loving God has outlined His will in romantic relationships in the wonderful, divine and unchanging precious word. We may open the word assured that it contains all the divine guidance required in the existing world of romance. The word is the true gateway to healthy romantic relationships.


a) Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.
Before being taken by anyone else, be taken by God first. God took the man and placed him in the Garden of Aden not only to take care of it but also that he might fellowship with man during the cool of the day. IN THE BEGINNING GOD…(Gen1) let it always be the beginning.

b) God saw the need for the Man first.
Before man could see the need for a mate, God saw it first and said,” isn’t good for the man to be alone” (Gen 2:18). Does the Lord know your need? Don’t move before God moves you. It’s like telling a person to wait for you then you come running past him.

c) God made man aware of his need.
“..God brought them to man to see what he would name them:”( v 19). When man was naming them he realised to every animal there was a Mr. and Mrs. i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Giraffe, Mr. and Mrs. Frog etc. but for him there was no Mrs. Adam. “…but for him no suitable helper was found.” (v 20).                                              
 All that was God’s plan to kindle man’s interests. It’s while you are serving God that He makes you aware of your need for a mate, when you align yourself in the purpose of God. When you become busy for God He becomes busy for you.
) Man went to sleep: Rest that God may work.
After Adam realised the need for a mate he didn’t try to make things happen, instead he slept. Probably this is the biggest mistake young people are making today, trying to work out things.
I imagine if Adam had tried to make things happen, he would have ended up with a gorilla or a chimpanzee because they are the only animals closest to man though a little bit hairy he would have thought.
 Many people are ending up with the wrong mates ‘gorillas’ because of trying to make things happen. Be at rest everything shall fall into order. Give it time; time is like the refiner’s fire. Love is patient.

e) The miracle happens.
When you allow God to be at work the miracle certainly happens.”..This is now the bone of bones and the flesh of my flesh;”(v 23). What a joy Adam experienced after finding the right one. The miracle doesn’t happen when you just see a female or a male but when you find a woman or a man who is the bone of your bones, one taken out of you.
There are three important things to note. Man was created in the image of God thus God being triune, man is also a triune: Spirit, Soul and Body.
i) Spirit – This is the faculty of faith, hope and reverence to God. Are you both accountable to God? What is the level of commitment to God between the two? What are the interests between the two?
ii) Soul – This is the sphere of affection and emotions of a man. Is there any affection between the two of you? i.e. Are you soulmates?
iii) Body – This is the outer circle touching the material world through the five senses. There must be a romantic spark between the two.
Adam got so exited because he saw a person who perfectly fitted him, in spirit
, soul
and body
. THE ORDER IS VERY IMPORTANT. It can only be 3/3 not 2/3 or 1/3 or else  it will never work. DON’T START WITH THE BODY AND END WITH THE SPIRIT INSTEAD DO THE VISE VERSA. The scripture would later say, Whoever finds a good wife i.e. 3/3 finds a good thing, I believe  the vise versa is true.

f) Call it A Match Made in Heaven.
” for this reason a man will leave his father and mother to be united to his wife..( v 24). The inevitable happens after God initiates a plan for a romantic relationship, for His glory is in the climax. He became the witness in the wedding at the Garden of Eden.
 This should be the end product of all, God-glorifying romantic relationships.
Will God be a witness in your “I do” day? Will you be having any regrets? Will you still look into the eyes of your “to be” spouse when that legendary question is asked “Any objections to this marriage?” Will you give an honest smile or will you cast down your face? What about your heart? Will your heartbeat still tick with the normal wall clock?
John Gikang’a Wairimu

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